IT Consulting

TechNet World offers a wide range of strategic, organizational and / or operational consulting services. Thanks to our well-proven approach and adapted tools, our highly qualified consultants provide our clients with a great expertise and a high added value.
We assist them through missions related to their businesses and / or the use of information and communication technologies.

We assist our client in change management, process transformation and information systems governance. Our IT consulting offer is thus divided into three axes: PMO, MOA and Audit.

PMO (Project Management Office) :

TechNet World offers its clients assistance in the efficient and effective management of their projects.
Project management by TechNet World can concern either the entire project or a project component. Depending on each project context and needs, the TechNet World consultant carries out all or some of the following activities: project initialization, planning and progess monitoring, financial monitoring, project committees organization, meetings animation, reporting, monitoring of ongoing actions and outstanding issues, coordination with internal and external stakeholders, etc.
The return on investment (ROI) for our customers is considerable: objectives achievement, risks control, costs and delays optimization, alarms escalating, efficient information flows, professionalization of suppliers’ relations, control of impacts and Interactions with other company projects, etc.


AMO (Assisted Project Ownership):

TechNet World offers its clients a wide range of services in order to assist them in carrying out their activities as project owners.
Our offer covers all types of IT or telecommunication projects and targets all sectors: administrations, public organizations and private companies in various fields: telecommunications, industry, transport, tourism, finance, etc.
The main services offered by TechNet World in this context are: Specifications; Assistance in suppliers’ selection; Assistance in needs expression; Advice for solution design and validation of integrator specifications; change requests negotiation; preparation of Acceptance Plans; tests handling and Acceptance management; Migration plans study; Change management assistance; Implementation Assistance; Etc.
Through this offer, TechNet World helps its client: To have an efficient, optimized and adapted information system; Ensure projects success; Reduce deadlines; Manage budgets; Optimize the activity of its own resources; Etc.

Audit :

TechNet World offers its clients IT Audit services.

Our offer covers both the organizational and technical components and targets all public and private sectors in various fields: telecommunications, industry, transport, tourism, finance, etc.

Thanks to its ITIL-certified consultants mastering IT international standards and experienced in various organizational approaches and integration solutions, TechNet World offers the following services:

Information systems audit : It can cover either the information system or a particular area of ​​the IS. Our consultants cover at the same time: the organizational aspect of the IS, the human and technical means, applications, infrastructure and data.

Applications audit :It concerns:On the one hand, the application itself: matching the functional needs and processes of the company, performance, availability, reliability, presentation, data integrity, etc;On the other hand, the application environment: maintainability and scalability, interfaces and integration solution with other systems; associated costs; etc.

The assessment of an audit highlights a critical view of the existing situation using a SWOT (strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / threats) approach; and proposes an action plan supported by prioritization and weighting according to urgency levels.


Our powerful team is at your service for the analysis, the advice and the accomagnement throughout your project.